Staðará og Hagavatn

Staðará and Lake Hagavatn.   

Stadará and Lake Hagavatn are located in the Snæfellsnes area.  Stadará is the outlet of the lake.  Both the lake and the river are abundant with trout - sea trout and arctic char.  Some salmon are caught every year.  Rod fishing is difficult in the lake, as it is rather sallow and filled with weed.  Netting gives good results.  The sea trout in Stadará is both of a good size and present in great numbers.


The biggest share of the Stadará is hired out to some private anglers and permits are not on the open market.  Just the same it is possible to get admission to some pools.  Anglers can try their luck by contacting farmers at either the Álftavatn or the Ölkeldu farms, at telephone +3545-435-6695 or +354-435-6724

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