Héraðsvötn vestari

The Héraðsvötn (always spoken of in plural) are one of the biggest glacial rivers in Iceland, with more than 100 cubic meters average water flow per second.  It holds good runs of sea trout and arctic char.  A few of the tributaries also hold some salamon.


As in most glacial rivers most of the fish is caught in net, but there is also substancial rod fishing, especially where the river enters the ocean at the end of the Skagafjorður bay.  For some miles upstream the Héraðsvötn are divided into two parts, the east and the west river mouth.  Rod fishing takes place in both parts, but more in the western one. Up to now that one has been open as a "free for all fishing" but that may change in future years.  Otherwise one must contact the riparian owners for permits.  The best possibilities for rod fishing are found where some creek or river enters the glacial water.

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