is a good sized lake somewhat inland of the town Blönduós.  Some small rivers and streams flow into it but it's outlet is by the Upper Laxá, flowing into Laxárvatn. (That lake is the origin of the famous salmon river Laxá á Ásum)


There is both brown trout and arctic char to have in the lake, and every year it yields a few salmon too.  The farms by the lake use it for net fishing.  Rod fishing permits are also sold at some of the farms, like Mosfell (Local phone 452-4065), Reykir (local phone 452-4423) and Geithamrar (local phone (452-7104.   Information and permits can also be had at the Edda Hotel - Húnavellir.  The local phone number at the hotel is 444-4910.   For international calls use the prefix  00-354.

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