Salt water fishing.




          When we consider the rich fishing grounds all around Iceland it may seem strange how this kind of sport fishing is underdeveloped here.  Maybe we take salt water fishing too seriously as an industry to be able to think of it as a sport.


          Just the same, in almost all coastal towns you can find a boat or two, willing to take you out for a fishing tour.  Quite many of them have all the necessary equipment for hire.  The most common catch is cod, haddock, halibut or catfish.  This kind of fishing is often combined with whale watching tours, which are getting more and more popular by every year.  There used to be some fishing tournaments each summer but it seems to have declined as of late.


         A lot of Icelandic farms take guests in for “bed and breakfast”.  Some of the coastal farms offer fishing from small boats if the weather is favorable and the season right.  (See )

          Fishing from the coast, or Surf fishing is practiced at a few places but is not common.  The most common catch is sea trout and small cod.  As far as I know this kind of fishing concentrate mostly around estuaries where sea trout occur.  Probably it might be used more widely, but the great tidal differences here can make such fishing difficult and even dangerous.


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