Ice fishing.


                                                Ice Fishing.



Strange as it may seem, Ice fishing is not much practiced here in Iceland.  We can not quite explain why, but part of the reason may be that the weather is very unpredictable and as the average winter temperature is not far from the freezing point, the ice on lowland lakes may be perilous at the best, at least in the south and west areas.


Just the same, some ice fishing can be found in most winters.  The Svinadalur, some 90 kilometers north of Reykjavik holds three lakes, the Eyrarvatn, the Þórustaðavatn and the Geitabergsvatn.  One can fish for trout in all those lakes if the ice is sure to support you.  The topmost lake i.e. Geitabergsvatn is considered best.  There also used to be quite interesting ice fishing for arctic char in the lowermost parts of both Grimsá and Nordurá, but it has been declining of late, and good ice is also rare now as the climate seems to be getting warmer year by year.


In the north there is some tradition for ice fishing in the Ólafsfjörður lake, close to the Ólafsfjörður town at the Eyjafjörður bay.  As the lake is somewhat brackish one can expect some salt water species too, in addition to the trout.  There also used to be good ice fishing in Lake Mývatn and some other lakes in that region, but recently there is severe decline in the Mývatn trout stock, affecting the fishing.  Let us hope it is only temporary.


The ice is more secure in the highland lakes, but it can be difficult to get there in the wintertime.  Some ice fishing is practiced every winter in both Eiríksvatn and Reyðarvatn, and it used to be possible to buy a guided ice fishing tour up to “Arnarvatn the Great” by contacting the roadside restaurant “Staðarskáli” close to the Hrútafjarðará.  E-mail =  telephone = +354-451-1150.  Those tours are now more difficult to plan, due to the global warming.